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SSG Winter Meeting 2022Friday, 2 December, 2022

 The BSG/BASL/NHSBT UK wide Acute Upper GI Bleeding Audit starts 3rd May!  

The 2022 UK Acute Upper GI Bleeding Audit is due to start shortly! 3rd May-2nd July 2022.
The audit follows on from the previous highly successful 2007 audit, which collected data on >6000 patients from 208 participating hospitals.  
Key goals this time round include:
Emergency endoscopy, transfusion, interventional radiology and surgery availability and utilisation.
Machine learning in risk assessment. 
The involvement of trainees in the management of GI haemorrhage.
This is a hugely important piece of work – and we welcome you all on board! 
To register you interest to participate please click here:  
UK wide Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Audit - The British Society of Gastroenterology (bsg.org.uk) 


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